14 Reasons You Can’t Menurunkan Berat Badan

Are you feeling good and exercising, but you just can’t seem to lose weight (menurunkan berat badan)? Or perhaps it is going up instead of down? Numerous desperate attempts to lose weight can be frustrating and can lead to stress in one’s life. In fact, it can be considered as the number one stressor in women.

It’s kind of a vicious cycle – trying to control what we eat and end up feeling like a failure because the scale does not move. We don’t realize it, but we end up punishing ourselves for not being “more in control,” and then manifesting a huge amount of stress, which can wreak havoc in our bodies. When that happens, our common reaction is, we binge or take it out on our diet – we do extreme diets instead, which is never healthy, and the vicious cycle continues.

In today’s time, it seems that our self-esteem is measured by what the scales say. This should not be the case. Try to be kind to yourself and practice positive thinking, then that is when our body will work in our favor and when that happens, our weight, before you know it, will also go down. 

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However, it is not that simple, but this is the first part of being more in control of your own body weight.

Don’t let stress get in the way. There is a way to live your life without having to worry about your weight and watching everything that goes into your mouth. Once we have the skills in place to find happiness and psychological well-being, healthy eating habits will follow.

Here are 14 reasons why your weight won’t budge . . . 

1. Hormonal Imbalance

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Hormonal imbalance can be a result from fatigue, PMS sufferer, irregularity in the menstrual cycle, depressed or anxious, or hard to lose weight. It is recommended to see a nutritionist or doctor who can put you on certain tests to confirm and take the necessary action.

2. Not Enough Vitamin D

There is a huge number of the population today that have low Vitamin D. This is also linked with weight gain and several metabolic processes. If you are a person who spends a lot of time indoors, it is time to have some check-up with your doctor for the needed Vitamin D.

3. Exercising But NOT Benefiting the Body

This can be due to exercising too much or you need to do a combo and give the body a bit of a shock. If you noticed those who over-exercise tend to put on weight easily. 

4. Digestion and Absorption is NOT Optimal

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What you digest and absorb into your body will show on your weight. The health of your gut will determine your overall well-being. 

5. Sitting All Day

A body that keeps sitting or stagnant all day will bring a negative effect on the body. Some people have office jobs that ties them on their desks all day. Take a few minutes stroll or give your body some movement.

6. Eating Too Much

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Eating too much even if they are healthy foods doesn’t really do you much good because our body can only absorb and take in a certain amount. 

7. Not Chewing Properly

Chew your food until it becomes liquid as it will help with your metabolism – digestive performance gets better and weight loss is achieved.

8. Stress, Stress, and More Stress

Stress can impact your weight in more ways. In fact, long-term stress can cause blood sugar imbalance and weight gain in the mid-section.

9. Lack of Sleep

We all need sleep to give our body time to repair itself so it is able to perform better.

10. Fad Dieting

Fad diets are not the right way to go. People have different mentalities that influences their choices.

If you have other suggestions on how to lose weight (menurunkan berat badan), please feel free to comment here. 

This is not a way of life. I often ask people if they are weight conscious or health conscious. They’re very different mentalities that foster very different choices.

11. You’re eating out too much and not cooking at home.

Trust me, you just don’t know what that restaurant is using to cook your food. Assume they’re using the worst vegetable oils, heavy amounts of butter and oil, and poor-quality produce. Unless you’re dining at a place that claims healthy cooking and uses healthy produce, learn to love your kitchen!

12, You’re not adding protein to your plate.

Protein is the satiety macronutrient that helps us to balance out blood sugars and therefore helps to control our weight

13. You’re scared of good fats.

Don’t be! Good fats are so so important to your brain and for making hormones. (So you can imagine why many of those who suffer from hormonal imbalances usually eat a low-fat diet) and your heart. The body actually uses the good fats and they will help to lower your LDL cholesterol.

14. Your liver is sluggish and you need a good cleanse!

If you’re feeling low, tired, and moody and your diet contains alcohol, coffee and sugar, you need to give your body a break. When your liver is sluggish, it struggles to process substances/toxins/hormones efficiently and this leads to toxic build up and this will inevitably cause weight gain. You might benefit from a seasonal cleanse.


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